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Pre Consultation Intake Form

Maxine McLean holds a PH.D in Natural Integrative Medicine and is a Metaphysical healer and a doctor of homeopathy. Maxine is not a medical doctor and as such will not practice or prescribe conventional medicine. However, Maxine may refer you on to see a conventional specialist if needs be, based on the outcome of your health assessment. All information is kept confidential and is only released with your written consent.

Three-month health journey $3500.00.  A free 15-min consultation is available to see if this will be a good fit for you.  Please email to request a consultation.


agree to be assessed and treated of my own volition, with natural modalities and homeopathic medicines. I understand that if I am non-compliant with the full treatment plan, then I will be discharged and no refunded will be offered.

Please take the time to read and complete to the best of your knowledge:

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