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My Story


Throughout four decades of learning and advocating for Natural Integrative health and metaphysical healing practices, I’ve come to realize that we are not just physical and vital, but energetic beings, universally connected for a purpose greater than self. I continually strive to be a character-molding force for others by focusing on being a writer, humanitarian, health-coach-speaker, healing facilitator, educator and artist. I’m passionate about motivating others to build a stronger emotional core and to connect with their energetic self. So, I developed and published self-help Gratitude Keeper® Core Therapy Cards.

I’m the founder of the Corporation Gratitude Keeper®, designed to work with people in developing regions of the world in order to provide them with clean potable water and a sustainable income. As a result of this work, thousands of people now benefit from accessing clean water. Their livelihood has improved by having better health and time for education.​

I am grateful for all the support I’ve had to help me launch this humanitarian outreach. I’m absolutely motivated, and proud of my accomplishments.  

I am encouraged to connect, inspire, and positively impact other people’s lives to help them rise. 


-Dr. Maxine McLean 




Eminence Award

I was inspired to build wells in order that families can access clean drinkable water in different parts of the world. But, had no idea that I had been noticed. I’m humbled and grateful; it’s indeed and honour. Thanks Eminence for the recognition.   


Blue Seal Award-Writing

I was definitely shock, but elated when I was told that I had been awarded a Blue Seal Award in writing. Received from Book Venture signifying incredibility and distinction in writing style. Thank you Book Venture


Canada's 100 Black Women

As a recipient of Canada’s 100 Black Women to Honour 2019,  I believe that my life challenges will be one of the corner stones to help women of diverse ethnicity to be bold and to - ‘RISE’.    Thanks - CIBWE   


For Humanitarian Work

The award ceremony recognized, awarded and honored Over Forty women for their achievements and accomplishments in life and in helping others. Thanks Absolutely Fabulous Women Awards and the Mayor of Hamilton, Ontario.

—  Nicole Sutherland

“Dr. Max helped me overcome so many obstacles by guiding and empowering me to have confidence in myself.  I am honored to write this testimonial for Dr. Max it is because she helps me see the strength in myself because of this I am now able to break through any and every obstacle that is thrown my way, do not get me wrong I have weak moments but she is a phone call away to get me back on track.”

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