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As an accomplished artist of more than 40 years, I have a unique gift for seeing the connection between art, self-expression and personal wellness. I gain my inspiration from nature, quiet time in prayer, meditation and the sun-kissed colourful vibrations from the island of Jamaica.

My unique, yet precise brush stroke techniques create an incredible ambiance of serenity, while still radiating breath and vibrancy. My inclusion of symbols and crystals has garnered praise from both my audience and several art critics.

My art is a culmination of all that I aspire to and that I am  grateful for in this life: my innovative ability to create, my desire to share my inspirations on gratitude with the universe and my wealth of knowledge in healing lives.


These paintings are embellished with healing stones, Swarovski crystals, 18kt Gold leaf paint, sand and more. They have vibrant colours, textures and lines to evoke one’s imagination and accentuate any ambiance.


 Ancient civilizations discovered the unique properties of healing stones and crystals and their rich legacy has continued for over 4000 years.

These unique paintings serve as a beautiful healing accent in the home or workspace to deflect negative energies and attract positive vibrations.

When I saw this painting, I felt an uplifting energy flow from my heart to my throat. It was a very potent and powerful rush of empowering energy. You see, earlier today, I received 2 phone calls with very  disappointing news. I could not speak my truth in both phone calls. This painting poured a very clear and loving message into my spirit, speak your truth! Deeply profound. I was deeply moved . Thank you.  Such a rich and powerful painting.

Imani J., Brampton, ON

Dr. Maxine's artwork has been featured on the CHCH Morning Live Television show and Galleries in Ontario, including The Grange at Heritage Mississauga.

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