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Help Families Receive Clean Potable Water


Gratitude Keeper®, in search of clean potable water.

I am Dr. Maxine; today, I am passionate about helping families in developing countries access clean potable water. This journey was inspired by my childhood experiences of not having running water in the rural area where I grew up. We relied solely on rainfall, and so, we caught rainwater in tanks, buckets, and steel drums and had to ration our water usage. Hence the inspiration for my book, Gratitude Keeper® - No rain, no water. 

This work of helping families to access potable water has made my gratitude journey more meaningful and purpose-driven. Every day, these people strive to secure clean drinking water, which is a blessing that many of us in the Western hemisphere enjoy without giving much thought to it—each morning when many of us rise imbued with the assurance that we can shower or bathe. Many families in Kenya walk for up to ten hours round trip to a dam infested with crocodiles, unfortunately, their only source of water. These people are not asking for handouts; they need opportunities and sustainable potable waterIt is, however, disturbing that in our world of such technological advancements and financial wealth, this need still exists so rampantly.


Having this water for their community can ease their burden while empowering them with extra time to engage in other development activities such as education and work.


The families we serve with your donation are some of the most vulnerable:

Women who carry water containers on their backs repeatedly experience:

·       Skeletal deformity and back pain.

·       Miscarriages due to weight exerted by repeated use of carrying water.

·       School girls spend most of their class time fetching water for their families.

·       An occasional isolated instance of rape because of vulnerability.


Over 50% of hospital visits in Kenya are related to illnesses of waterborne diseases or conditions. e.g., anemia, dehydration, typhoid, dysentery, and malnutrition are amongst the few. Over 13 million Kenyans lack access to an improved water supply, sanitation, and hygiene.

How has Gratitude Keeper® made a difference?

Gratitude Keeper® has developing three water point locations throughout Kerina Village in Kenya which also services thousands of families from neighbouring villages.


To date, families are now hopeful and are benefiting having clean potable water.

I Believe That Together We Can Make A Difference

Please join our cause to ensure that these families have safe access to clean, potable water that's sustainable.

Let's work together to keep the water flowing for these families in Kerina village in Kenya and other places in need.

It all starts with as little as $40 which can provide up to 12 families with a sustainable supply of potable water and clear steps towards better health.

Join the Gratitude Keeper® community of monthly donors, bringing potable water to families in need.


Choose to donate any amount. 80% of the funds go directly to our potable water projects.

The Current GOAL: $1,500,000

80% of donated funds are used directly to build sustainable wells.

Donate Section


Help change the lives of people less fortunate than you.


Kindness and generosity to another human being is an innate quality.

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