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Vibe Therapy®
Fingerprint Inspirations

Daily reminders to help build a postive mindset

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It's remarkable how occasionally, a force arises igniting our inner spirit and challenging the very fabric of conventional thinking. It compells us to awaken and transcend the boundaries of established norms.

Introducing this transformative compilation of
therapeutic insights. Messages and affirmations crafted with the purest intention. Designated as a modality termed Vibe Therapy®. These messages are poised to positively impact your mental and emotional well-being. Integrating this invaluable resource into your daily life can enhance motivation, positivity, and keep you inspired.

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Vibe Therapy® is a customary journey with Fingerprint Inspirations that encourages self-discovery and growth. The fusion of wisdom, mindfulness, and personal reflection nurtures a positive mindset and empowerment to navigate life's challenges with resilience, patience, faith, grace, and gratitude.

As unique as our fingerprints, so is the essence of this modality a true paradigm shift. It taps into the energy of our emotional intelligence through the power of touch, perception, thoughts, and speech; activating the brain's neuropathways and releasing the vibrations of healing, resilience, and inspiration.

The unique curation of these messages and affirmations gives each user the right message that vibrates with their energy at the right time. 

Choose the fingerprint that best resonates with you and get ready to be inspired!

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Vibe Therapy Fingerprint Inspirations are a valuable resource for therapists and counselors prioritizing mental wellness in their practice. Additionally, great for businesses in support of employee retention, and mental wellness initiatives.


Available in both adult and youth versions. The adult version offers 3 different focuses: Daily Gratitude Diamond, Success Quartz and Spiritual Warfare Amythyst. The youth edition is called Gem Stone Gold.

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