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Gratitude Keeper® Series

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$115 CAD

Absolutely an Incredible Inspiration for readers to build a stronger emotional core.​ Awakened with deep insights and practical meditative guides to help enhance one's daily human experiences and spiritual journey.

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$95 CAD

Gratitude Keeper® Volume 2 - "Just Breathe"

Designed to feature you; unveiling your dreams aspirations, hopes, fears, life challenges, inspirations and expressions of gratitude. Build confidence and strengthen your emotional core. Developing a legacy of mental and emotional wealth.

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Coming Soon

Take a moment to listen to this wonderful prologue to the book Gratitude Keeper® No Rain, No Water, written by Andreah Barker - author of 'Living' and 'One Red Bird'.

 Any purchase of Gratitude Keeper® No Rain, No Water contributes to the journey for clean drinkable water.

Your support is always appreciated.

The Author

For many years, I sat and listened to my patients' collections of stories—their experiences of emotional and physical pain. As I remained sensitively attentive, ways in which I could help them started to become apparent right before my eyes.

I was able to unravel their emotional pain by immediately implementing strategies that worked.  I appreciated the intimate connection it allowed me into their lives, and I hung on every word spoken. So, I translated those experiences into writing self-help materials—Gratitude Keeper®  


– No Rain, No water/Daily Inspirations—Just Breathe and Core Therapy Cards Breathe Easy.


For me, writing is powerful. I can captivate an audience waiting to be healed and help people cultivate better perspectives and positive outcomes through this incredible venue of words.

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