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Dr Maxine was a great in treating my daughter with homepathic medicnes. My daughter, who is 8,  was suffering with stomach pains for 6 days, couldn't sleep all night. Doctors said there was nothing, and pain killers wasn't helping her. At this point Dr Maxine prescribed her homeopathic medicine  and she was back on her foot in a day. My faith in homeopathic medicines have increased immensely after that. Thank you Dr Maxine

Zohra K

We need more healers like Dr. Maxine McLean. It’s impossible to listen to her confidence meditation without feeling as though you’ve been elevated to a higher place. Somehow, between her immensely calming and sonorous voice, and the message of self-empowerment she so gently imparts, one’s confidence is established, unwavering, healthy, and soulful. If more people listened to Dr. McLean’s confidence meditation, surely the world would be a far more beautiful and peaceful place.

Dan Hill, Grammy and Juno award winning singer/songwriter and best selling author

I just wanted to tell you that I did your 10 minute meditation for confidence last night and it was soooooo so good, thank you. The affirmations are so good.  Extremely relevant, they really resonate with me.  It's exactly what I am needing right now!


The Meditation Facilitator program is an in-depth, enlightening, and inspiring course. It has a perfect combination of mindfulness, meditation, discussion and guidance.

The techniques taught have provided stepping stones that changed the way I think and manage my life; they will also assist in my own practice.  

Maxine is a very thoughtful, effective leader in mindfulness and meditation.  She has created a safe and supportive environment to learn and share.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Erica W

Just tried out your meditation - it is Amazing! I love the background music you chose the birds and flute came together so beautifully and Your Voice; Maxine - I don't know how you do it BUT Everything you do You Do it with such beauty and positive energy.

Keep Being YOU!


Before meeting Maxine, I had spent nine weeks in total which consisted of three times being admitted due to heavy suicidal ideation.  I was in a very dark place and had considered taking my own even in the hospital numerous times.  I was obviously in a very dark place, where it felt like there was no way out of the hospital, it was a constant mental battle trying to find reasons to live.  My mom spoke to me on the phone saying that she had found Maxine, and sounded like she had a lot of hope, where as I didn’t, but at this point I figured this is pretty much my last thread so why not give it a shot.  


When I had first talked to Maxine, I straight up told her, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m back in the hospital within less than a week, as when I was discharged I did not feel remotely like I  had improved I was quite nervous and scared.  To summarize my experience with her, she showed me that even within my despair and unbeknownst to me, I had more of a will to live than I thought but a lot if it was relying on her belief in me.  She went above and beyond to be available to me when I was in crisis as I had called her many times thinking that I couldn’t trust myself through numerous nights.  She was always very patient and understanding but most of all just had this powerful belief in me that everything will get better even though I felt like shit.


Her meditations helped me to relax and center myself and allowed me to train my emotions better.  I loved the authenticity that our sessions had, it allowed me to reach a deeper level of therapy and to be completely transparent about my challenges.  


There are so many things that I thought I’d never do again, such as meeting friends, going out in general, really going in anywhere because of my mental state, but as I’m typing this I’m doing all of this things.  She is truly a God send for me.  If you’re in a dark place, I can tell you she is definitely someone that help you through things that you won’t believe.

 I am really excited and confident about my future as of the moment.  I sincerely thank you for everything that you have done for me.  I do not think I would be close to where I am now without your guidance and therapy.  I'm not trying to flatter you, I am being very honest right now.  I will continue to provide updates on how I am doing.  Thanks for all that you have done for me up until now.  I truly appreciate it!  God bless!

Sean M

Thank you for the guided meditations! I found them all very grounding and anxiety reducing. You are blessed with a very easy to listen to (gentle yet strong) tone in your voice.


Although all 3 meditations elicited different physical and visual responses, the first 2 meditations were my favourites bringing me to a state of relaxation where I was able to visualize the colours blue and yellow along with watchful eyes looking over me in protection.


Thank you for sharing your gift and encouraging me to continue with my own personal spiritual journey.


I enjoyed..listened 3x already..just have one visual image I struggled with..floating in the ocean .. but then feeling the sand..I'm too visual🙄...the  choice of music  is love❤️ thanks for sharing..voice is perfect!!🙏-- 


At the end of a day when kids are in bed. I like to have a quiet moment with my partner and just be still and connect. When I put on the meditation I feel like an out of body experience and I'm  relaxed. It's a way of washing away the stress and chaos of the busy day. The meditation also helps me with my grieving process.


Thank you Maxine! This was very helpful. The meditation was very effective in releasing excess tension.I also liked the "music" and the transition cues. Please do more of these.


When we are ready..the Universe /God sends us Dr. Maxine.

She inspires thought provoking revelations and instigates radical (miraculous) change for the betterment of our personal journey.


Maxine is dedicated to educating and stimulating positive change with her profound gift of inherent wisdom. I love and resonate with her healing and intuitive touch. I absolutely LOVE her meditations- i can finally go deep

and remain awake.


A beautiful soul that nurtures and promotes soul care. Thanks for assisting me in my journey and my family members that have been transformed by your work.


Loved your meditation, your voice is soothing and the music complements it well.


Gratitude Keeper® has given hope to these single mothers, they can now afford to take their children to school and save money to sustain themselves and they can now afford medical care and put food on the table. 

Gratitude Keeper® is also contributing in building water wells in the Kisii and Kiambere Village In Kenya, (Kiambere Village, which is semi desert-this village goes sometimes for years without rain).

The women in the village will not have to walk for up to 10 hours round trip to get the dirty water in the dam where lies danger of killer crocodiles.

Thank you so much Gratitude Keeper® for giving hope to these families.


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