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From Gratitude Keeper® No Rain, No Water

"Giving gratitude isn't a new concept, idea, or approach. For years, our ancestors have translated in writings and teachings the benefits and the healing values of practicing gratitude. With the right perspective, gratitude is absolutely at the core of successful living. In Gratitude Keeper®, author Dr. Maxine McLean offers a resource for tracking gratitude daily, a practice she believes can transform lives in a powerful way.

Gratitude Keeper® provides inspirational strategies for addressing the common human tendency of thinking negatively. It assists in creating a chronicle of positive vibrations and serves to enlighten your journey. In addition, Dr. McLean has partnered with villagers from developing countries, and the gratitude project provides sustainable income to families worldwide and contributes to building water wells.

Filled with personal life stories, inspirational quotes, lessons learned, affirmations, breath work, and meditations, Gratitude Keeper® guides you on your personal journey and helps to reboot your mind, invigorate your spirit, and better your health."

Forward - Gratitude Keeper® - "No Rain, No Water

Dear Reader,


When you lean into gratitude, you recognize there is still much to be thankful for even during the darkest days.

When I first began my gratitude practice, I was all over the place. I’d have it mixed in throughout journals that also held the day’s tasks and grocery lists. If I wanted to go back and find some of my older gratitude writing, it meant looking through several days’-worth of writing. I began to realize that I wanted to have it all in one place. I wanted to be able to not only track my own growth in my gratitude practice but also have something I could share with my loved ones.

It was as if Dr. Maxine McLean heard my call and filled the gap for me. With the Gratitude Keeper®, I now have a place to record one year’s journey from start to finish. In addition, she also provides practical and easy-to-use exercises to help me deepen my gratitude practice. I am so incredibly grateful that I have found such an insightful resource. My mindset has been forever changed by the work I have done with Gratitude Keeper®.

If you are ready to walk through life with more happiness and peace of mind, then Gratitude Keeper® is a must-have. This is exactly the book for you. Maxine gives you all the tools you need to dive deeply into your practice, from easy-to-follow meditations to breathwork to discussion points that you can use to start conversations about gratitude with your loved ones.

Gratitude is a way of being, but sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain a strong practice, especially when times are tough. Maxine shares how she managed to find gratitude in the face of tragedy. You are not alone. Use Gratitude Keeper® to lift you up and support you during the times when it is hard to keep your gratitude practice alive.

Living each day with a sense of gratitude has transformed my life, and I couldn’t possibly have done it so fully and completely without the support of Gratitude Keeper®. You bought this book because you are ready to transform your life through gratitude. Congratulations, this is the first step to feeling more inspired by life, no matter what comes your way. Together, we walk forward in gratitude. I know without a doubt that from this moment forward, your life will be forever changed.

Together in gratitude,

Andreah Barker, Author

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