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My journey has led me to Perfect-Touch Ball Therapy™ which includes a bit of all that I have learned and experienced over the years. When the idea first came to me I embraced it immediately. I began to write a manual for it, then a teaching syllabus, at the same time I organized trial sessions to see how it would be received. To my amazement, awesome well done. I was delighted, I knew that I was onto something deliciously soothing and very relaxing. I continued to meet with groups of people: male and female kids, teenagers, adults and more mature adults and I offered free sessions, it was so well received that I was overwhelmed with joy.

The reviews I received actually rendered the name Perfect-Touch; recipients were constantly commenting that, it was the perfect touch.

I now had enough information and the confidence to take it to the next level so, I contacted a Patent and copyright Lawyer and had it patented. My vision is to see Perfect-Touch Ball Therapy™ Kiosk everywhere, in shopping malls and airports.

My story continues in journey towards healing and enlightenment.

- Maxine

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