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Testimonials for Gratitude Keeper®

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"When I was asked to edit the manuscript for Gratitude Keeper® No Rain No Water, I didn’t expect to end up on my own Gratitude journey! From the start of the editing process I became absorbed in Maxine’s stories about her life and her own awakening, it is both an engaging and relatable read. Her stories and thoughts provided personal recognition of the many times the Universe has given me lessons and reflective moments, which I have all too often, not taken the time to absorb or learn from.

From that I took the time to apply the lessons, exercises and meditations in the book. It brought a greater appreciation for my own journey and life-lessons and helped me to focus my energies on all that I have to be grateful for. I have become both calmer, and better able to handle the stresses and anxieties of life, and more appreciative of the difficulties that other people around me may also be experiencing.

I have become a kinder person, and more productive and focused in my daily life. The recent event of a global Pandemic has resulted in a life-pause for many, and provided us with the opportunity to take a look at our lives; our lifestyles, habits and behaviors, which are living-a-full-and-satisfying-life limiting. Gratitude Keeper® No Rain No Water has arrived at the exact right time! It is an engaging book, full of breathing exercises and meditations, as well as encouragement to take time, focus on our breathing, the life lessons we have been served (and often, continue to be served time and time again) and to begin our own Gratitude Practice, which will ultimately bring gifts to us, as well as those around us."

Trudy Allen

Testimonials for Gratitude Keeper® book and Fingerprint Inspriations

Great book full of inspiration for transforming your thought process

Amazon Customer

Gratitude keeper is one of the most inspirational books I have read. The colorful words captivate and take you on a journey of self-reflection and realization. Definitely, a must have and must share book!!


Wow! After only reading a few pages from this book I was blown away. Such a beautiful and inspiring piece of work. I am a new Dr. Maxine fan!!


I had downloaded this book through google play but want to keep a copy of the actual book at hand so I ordered another copy from Amazon. Let me you about this book. Gratitude Keeper is uplifting and very inspirational book. They were many areas of this book were I could truly relate to this author. I love how author shares, her life experiences and trauma and how she uses the practice of gratitude to over come them. Truly a must buy and must share book. Her practice of gratitude aims to be life changing for the reader !!!

Amazon Customer

Dr. McLean tells a compelling story of her life. But it's more than that. She teaches practically and specifically lessons that she has learned and that we all need to learn. What a different world it would be if everyone followed the practical teaching in this book. I really loved the way that she goes through step-by-instructions on how to develop the habit of being grateful.


It's a very spiritual book without being religious. It is positive, uplifting and inspiring. Thank you, Dr. McLean, for sharing so openly. I wish this book could be read by everyone. It benefits professionals and non-professionals alike--anyone who is seeking peace in this crazy world. Great book!

Robert Harpole

Beautiful and thought provoking! Inspirational Life-changing messages that are easy to follow. Nourish your soul and get an extra copy to share with someone you wish to inspire!! So happy to assist all the villagers in Kenya who made these beautiful Gratitude Keeper soapstone creations!
Much Gratitude! Thank you!


Uplifting, Inspirational, and Positively Giving. Dr. Maxine McLean talks freely about how good
life will be if you just be grateful. She breaks down in very clear and precise ways to transform
yourself from being negative to positive. McLean explains how to find ways to let it go. Her
techniques include breathing and a gratitude box.

My absolute favor part in her book speaks about not comparing yourself or any of your situations to others. McLean tells you to guard your thoughts and try to keep them as positive as possibly.

Many of us in the world needs a coach like her to keep us encouraged. She teaches in her book
that no matter how bad things may seem, there is always something that we learn and get
strength from if we just center ourselves and focus.

McLean speaks fluently about letting go of things, rather “Emotional, spiritual, or physical, and
without harm to yourself or loved ones.” It’s not easy, but she teaches how the mind is the
controller and it needs instructions to let go of the harmful and negative information recieved.
She gives examples of things that happened in her life. I can’t imagine all the things that she
went through and survived. From losing it all to an injured son. She is very strong, brave and

Without giving too much away the Gratitude Keeper is a book that everyone should have. It
comes with a gratitude box where you have gratitude cards to write down what you are grateful for. Each day you right down one thing. You put it inside of your gratitude box and at the end of the year (365 days) you can look back at what you were grateful for and you can pass it down like a family tradition that is worth more than any piece of jewelry you can receive, which is awesome.

Tiffany Young

Gratitude Keeper is uplifting and aims to be life changing for the reader based on the authors shared experiences and insights. Both the book and author are true gifts! Thank you for sharing with us Dr. Maxine McLean

Amazon Customer

I find Gratitude Keeper an inspiration. It gets the point across short and sweet and I love the graphics. Each one is such a beautiful piece of art. I recommend this book to anyone looking for Abundance in their lives as Dr Maxine McLean kept it simple and speaks directly to our hearts.

Amazon Customer
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