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The fallible Expressions Of Art

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Art the subjective, explicit, and elicit; an expression of creativity with no boundaries, no prejudices. But it has its own language that only its admirer speaks. What creativity comes easy for one may be inconceivable by another, but whatever it is, whichever way it's displayed and presented, it's still an art to the beholder, and that's where the true value doesn't lie.

Price points are from the very high to the very low; in most languages seems unfair and indubitably radical. Despite it all, the language of art communicates the attraction and the price, though not always clear.

Art is in our DNA, everyone has the ability to express the fundamentals of our creativity, from our anatomy, the physiology of our being, the colors and vibrations of nature to the unseen that makes the seen fallible, and only the art of the dead seem worthy of praise and value.

I've asked this question time and time again, how is it fair that the art of the dead is more valuable than that of the living? Seems unfair- don't you think? It's stated, the dead knows nothing. The art, the recognition, or the money cannot serve the dead in any way. The dead does don't know anything, as stated in ancient scrolls. So, after the creative entrepreneur has gone days or weeks - hungry, maybe committed suicide from depression of unworthiness, cut off their ear, or give up everything to live on the streets because they felt rejected and unappreciated; lonely, wrapped in the putrid misery of their creative entrepreneurship.

What do we say then? What do we think or feel? How do we justify fairness, equality, or respect?

I wish to be respected recognized for my art abilities while I have the breath of life. Let me be even more real and clear. I want to touch, see, enjoy the many uses that money has to offer and to help humanity. And nothing is wrong with that liberating statement. Having stated this, now I can breathe easier.

About the author - Maxine Mclean Ph.D., Doctor of Integrative Medicine, A Homeopath, Author, Metaphysical Healer, Humanitarian, the founder of Gratitude Keeper®. Health-Coach-Speaker, Meditation Healing Facilitator-Educator, and Creative Entrepreneur.

Blue seal Award – Writing, Canada's 100 Black women to honor. Eminence Award.

I'm encouraged to connect, inspire and positively impact other people's lives to help them rise. – Maxine McLean, Ph.D.

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