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With a sense of pride, determination, forthrightness, vision and faith--Rise!

Life is a journey, an upward onward journey. Periodically the path can be steep and seem difficult. But with determination and perseverance, it's always possible to reach the summit of your dreams.

Each step represents a challenge or obstacle that we must overcome, and from those challenges, there's always a lesson or two to take away. But as we climb higher, the view becomes more beautiful and the sense of accomplishment becomes greater.

Do we give up? Absolutely not!

Don't be discouraged by the difficult steps, for they are the ones that help to shape us and make us stronger and more resilient. And when we reach the top, we will look back and realize that the climb was worth it.

Breathe Easy… embrace the climb, and take each step with courage, faith and determination. For we are designed for greatness and capable of achieving it.

Breathe Easy, take the first step. ---Dr. Maxine McLean

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