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Updated: May 16

Some time ago, in the picturesque town of Beamsville, renowned for its wine culture and en route to Niagara Falls, Ontario, lived an artist, mindfulness educator and metaphysical healer named Dr. Maxine McLean. She believed in her ability to see beauty and inspiration in the most unique ways and thought of extraordinary means to help people shift their perspective to think positively. So, to share this insight, she meticulously created sets of inspirations and affirmations mingled with

stories of the moon, the stars, the sun, trees, stones, rainbows, rain, lightning, and the earth, all of which contribute to the sustenance and diversity of our existence.

Each carefully placed image is paired with empowering words, creating a synergy that not only sparks creativity and ignites imagination but is transformative, offering solace from stress and serving as a catalyst for emotional healing and mental well-being.

With great enthusiasm, Maxine decided to embark on a venture with Vibe Therapy Fingerprint Inspirations. She capriciously invited people to participate in specific techniques that allowed their energy to guide.

Dr. McLean explains, “The fusion of wisdom, forgiveness, mindfulness, and personal reflection, nurtures a positive mindset and empowerment to navigate life challenges with resilience, patience, faith, grace, and gratitude.”

Before long, curious crowds gathered wherever she presented—drawn by the magnetic pull of her presence. Despite encountering skeptics, Maxine fearlessly praised Divine connectivity in creating—Vibe Therapy- Fingerprint Inspirations. There were many skeptics, yes, but that didn’t dissuade her from gracefully sharing the transformative power of this newly found modality, which had been years in the making.

The simple yet profound energetic wisdom helped shape people’s lives in remarkable ways; rekindling their awareness of the potent force of thoughts, speech, positive vibrations, inspirations, and gratitude. Many became intrigued and inspired by the experiences and began buzzing with excitement.

Maxine’s vision flourished, leaving an indelible mark and a reminder of the boundless potential inherent in embracing positivity, inspiration, bold faith, resilience and gratitude.

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