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And so, I became fearless

Fear: what is it?

It's a stealer of mental, emotional and physical health; hope, dreams and self-confidence.

Fear has many horrific masks: anger, jealousy, personality disorders, anxieties and loneliness. Our belief that we have no choice seems stronger than the fears we choose to make our hindrance.

We search for inner peace---peace around us, and sometimes it seems hopeless, and we allow ourselves to become trapped within our fears.

I understand. These feelings and thoughts are relatable, I have experienced these, it's an unfortunate conditioning of life.

Then one day I realized I was bigger than my fears; and that my mind controlled my fears, and the many triggers I permitted to control me.

I began to believe that there is a power greater than myself, and I had full unconditional access to that through prayer and meditation. Still, most importantly, I had to believe, because, without belief, nothing would change.

Those feelings which I had been searching for: fearlessness, and confidence, were right there, just for me to believe and claim.

No matter what, it was up to me to place myself in as safe a situation as possible and believe that I am safe and all will align in my life for my highest best, even though the treacherousness of the world and my experiences showed me otherwise.

I repeated to myself ----Stay faithful in setting your intention of hope, keep your dreams alive; nothing is wrong with dreaming; let no one steal your plans; keep believing.

I felt a smile ripple across my face, relaxation in my shoulders, and my chest feeling open. I could almost feel my happy, confident mood levels rising. My attitude improved, my inner self perked up, and I felt grateful.

I am fortunate that I have embodied and believed this truth; had I not, I would have spent my entire life hiding my greatness and shackled with fear.

The reason I felt compelled to share this message is that its truth can free and empower anyone.

In theory, many of us understand we need to not let our fears control us. In essence one might believe being fearless is not real; rather, it's about not making fears control you.

And so, I became ‘fearless’—-by choice with good intentions, focus, calculating my risk—taking intentional chances, empowered—-creative, and unstoppable!

When I need to recharge, I pray, meditate, believe, and relax knowing that I am safe and fearless.... then, I Breathe Easy.

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