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Gratitude for Time

The rhythm of time is the heartbeat of our existence—an omnipotent force which continues to shape and reshape our lives.

The year just began with the intro of fifty-two weekly gifts of gratitude to your inbox, and here we are already halfway through—swept along by the unstoppable rhythm of time.

Time—the elusive companion and guide holds within it the power to evoke our deepest emotions. It weaves its way through our lives, leaving traces of joy, sorrow, love, pain, happiness, tears, broken hearts, and longing for something more.

Each day presents us with more time to use wisely, it’s our daily reminder that we are connected to the world—our life is an absolute gift and we are compelled to make the best of it.

For it is through the ebbs and flows of time that we discover the depth of our capacity to feel, love, connect and to truly live.

A common statement I have heard over the years is—“In the blink of an eye” yes—so much can change.

Time can summon memories that ignite a cascade of emotions. The sight of a familiar face, the sound of a nostalgic melody, or the fragrance of a long forgotten scent can take us back to moments of happiness, nostalgia, or maybe heartaches.

Time has the power to do what it may, even resurrect so much within us, allowing us to relive the emotions that once consumed us.

But, time is not only a vehicle for reminiscence; it also propels us forward to accomplish our goals and to live bountifully!

Always focus on being grateful for time. This is the one thing over which we have absolutely no power or control.

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