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Gratitude for the lessons of nature

The support that we give to each other may be similar to the support that trees demonstrate though it appears vastly different on the surface, upon closer inspection, there are some powerful lessons that we can learn from the natural world, about support, sharing, ingenuity and caring for each other.

One of the primary ways that trees teach us about caring, nurturing and support is through their interconnectivity. Trees communicate with one another through an intricate mycelium network which allows them to share nutrients and other pertinent information. This interconnectivity demonstrates the power of cooperation, growth, resilience and community. In contrast to our human relationships, we can benefit from recognizing our interconnectedness and the ways that we can support and uplift one another.

Another lesson that trees teach us about love is the importance of growth, enduring trauma—resilience and transformation.

Trees start as small seeds and grow into majestic giants over time—constantly adapting and changing with the seasons. Similarly, human love requires growth and change over time in in order to remain healthy and vibrant. We must be willing to adapt and transform ourselves and our relationships as needed in order to continue to flourish into majestic beings. Trees also demonstrate the importance of growth, patience and resilience. Trees may experience consistently severe weather conditions, disease, or damage, but they are often able to bounce back and continue to thrive. In human relationships, we must be willing to weather the storms of life and have faith that love can endure through the most difficult times.

Trees remind us of the importance of nurturing our spirit and caring for one another. Trees provide shade, shelter, and sustenance for a wide variety of living creatures. Similarly, in our relationships, we must be willing to provide love, support, and care for one another in order to foster deep connections, resilience and endurance of love.

From interconnectivity—growth to resilience and nurturing—-trees can teach us about the many facets of love and how to cultivate healthy—vibrant relationships that endure over time.

Touch an old oak tree with your left arm and at the same time place your right hand on your heart. Observe how you feel.

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