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Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes it's nice to step out of our comfort zone & explore something different. A couple weekends ago, that's exactly what I did, & it was emotionally rejuvenating on a different level.

I drove into the German Aire Auto Show - VAD at Fireman's Park in Niagara—I did so in a vintage Audi that had gracefully weathered more than two decades. My husband, Donnie, led the way in his meticulously preserved Audi A4–2002. Well, I won't pretend to be fluent in the language of cars; it was akin to finding oneself in a room of Spanish speakers while only knowing English—as I said, I stepped out of my all too familiar ‘comfort zone.’

However, amidst the sea of VWs spanning various eras, I noticed that the connection these people had to their cars was phenomenally intense. They took care of the finest detail from the rims to the meticulously crafted interior. The creativity was impressive and a definite eye-opener to an entirely different realm—the world of cars.

I glanced over at a young couple & admired how proud they were of their automotive creation. They radiated like that of doting parents. I couldn't help but be moved by their exuberant sense of accomplishment. This prompted me to approach them to share my Fingerprint Inspirations.

They each picked a card that resounded their intention, thoughts & feelings. A powerful moment. So I repeated the gesture with several others & the results were remarkably similar.

In the culmination of it all, I discovered an exquisite harmony beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone. Those with whom I formed a direct connection walked away inspired, carrying a renewed sense of purpose & a Fingerprint Inspiration card.

As I drove away from that captivating event, I felt an indomitable sense of empowerment reminding me of the immeasurable power of pushing beyond familiar limits.

That was truly a Breathe Easy experience—’you've got this!’

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