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The essence of universal love

Nature demonstrates, in part, the true essence of universal love.

🌸 Spring brings new energy, new life, and new beginnings. The animated display of colours: white, pink, red, neon green, and yellow—gives rise to creative energy

and growth.

☀️ How can we miss the bountiful blushing summer blooms when the sun shines brighter and more extended, distributing intense warmth that fortifies, rejuvenates, and heals?

🍂 Then comes the fall, when the trees applaud magnificently as they gently surrender their beautiful array of colourful leaves to the wind.

❄️ Winter storms in, without doubt, sparks the fire energy of warmth from within. All is calm; a time to retreat and replenish. Alive at last!

Nature is bountifully beautiful. Continue to Breathe Easy.

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