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The Power of Prayer

We've happily ushered in a new year, 2021! We hope and pray that all will be well. In light of all that has transpired, there is no doubt in my mind; no one cares to repeat the number 2020; I think the majority of us can relate.

The experiences many will agree were unprecedented, unexpected, economically devastating, and nerve-shattering, indeed! Our tolerance, coping skills, and resilience have been tested, above all, our faith; faith in a higher power and humanity. One of the powerful messages that resound throughout is an absolute reminder that we should expect the unexpected even with the best intentions and always understand that we are more resilient than led to believe, and we cannot negate our wonderful human connections.

Meditative breathing techniques can help relieve our stress and anxiety, even help us sleep better.

Many people have scrambled to find peace, purpose, and hope by awakening the importance and source of spiritual strength. It's a reminder that our connection with a higher being is a valuable and necessary source to our inner seed of power.

Thus, we must ask ourselves – what role does prayer play in our ability to be resilient, especially in adversity? When a crisis hits, are we prepared to access the deeply held emotions of resilience within us by any means necessary to survive? For many, those answers are most logically sought through prayer. I have observed that prayer provides a tangible source of emotional comfort when needed, no matter a person's faith or belief system. Prayer is powerful. The act of praying dates back more than 5000 years and is considered effectively useful whether done individually or in a group, and it doesn't require ties to any religion.

Personally, I do believe in the power of prayer; prayer has always been an essential emotional recharger in my life. It is relied on as my spiritual guide, protection, and comfort to the approach and closing of my days and continued protection during my vulnerable hours at sleep. As unfavorable as things may seem at times, I have learned that there is always a lesson to learn and strength cached within the solace of prayers.

Historically (and generally), we pray for the sick, the oppressed, the downtrodden, and it's safe to state that 2020 dished-out more than our fair share!

Even within the most challenging of times, I've maintained an unwavering belief in the role that prayer plays in improving our outcomes. Inevitably, I can glean strength, courage, and fortitude to carry on.

I cannot say why, but prayer and faith, by definition, are mysterious and elusive. Perhaps it's the very act of praying with the belief that you are being heard though you see no one. But my faith, in itself, helps me focus my energy on raising my vibrations toward the expected outcome—the act of praying with a surmountable concentration of belief and faith. Symbolically asking for something from a higher power that ultimately draws to us the answers we seek.

And of course, I believe that each life experience is an opportunity to grow our knowledge, forgive, bless, and be blessed. We can throw in the mix the globally agreed-upon terrible 2020, perceived by many as an opportunity; an opportunity for what we may ask? Well, the lessons and outcomes have been different for everyone. The unpredictability of life experiences happens for reasons sometimes unknown to us. Consequently, we may learn a lesson or two, maybe change the path we are on, strengthen our inner child, clip our ego, or help us soar higher.

In conclusion, I have definitely realized that prayer is a significant emotional reprieve in life experiences. When we blend the power of prayer with determination, reverence, positivity, and gratitude, there is no telling the miracles and personal transformation possible.

As we progress forward, we expect new chapters in our story of life to unfold, and surely, we will never always be prepared. Perhaps it would help if we practice conscious breathing and believe that with faith and hope for the better, no matter what, it will all work out in the best way possible. And, through it all, let's continue to help each other to connect positively and rise.

About the author - Maxine Mclean Ph.D., Doctor of Integrative Medicine, A Homeopath, Author, Metaphysical Healer, Humanitarian, the founder of Gratitude Keeper®. Health-Coach-Speaker, Meditation Healing Facilitator-Educator, and Creative Entrepreneur.

Blue seal Award – Writing, Canada's 100 Black women to honor. Eminence Award.

I'm encouraged to connect, inspire and positively impact other people's lives to help them rise. – Maxine McLean, Ph.D.

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