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Honoring People of Color

This month, a time of reflection, gratitude, and absolute honor to the many people of color who persevered through degrading acts of torture, hatred, segregation and countless hardships. In spite of the tears, humiliation and unwarranted bloodshed, they still pressed on to inspire us with so many spectacular useful inventions and powerful affirmations.

Today, we witness the global impact of these remarkable timely innovations that have made our living better and safer. Daily, we enjoy significantly positive imprints that have influenced our world and should not be forgotten individually or collectively.

The Hair Brush (Lydia Newman),

Digital Cell Phones (Jesse Eugene Russell),

Traffic Lights (Garrett Morgan),

Peanut products (George Washington Carver)

Refrigerated Trucks (Frederick McKinley - 1940)

GPS (Dr. Gladys West),

Blood Plasma (Dr. Charles Drew)

The worlds first successful human Open-Heart Surgery (Dr. Daniel Hale Williams)

The worlds first human to human heart successful transplant (Dr. Christiaan Bernard- 1893), Home Security (Marie Van Brittan), Automatic Elevator Doors (Alexander Miles-1887)

Carbon Light Bulb Filament (Lewis Latimer-1881)

The Mailbox (Phillip Bell Downing-1891)

The Clock (Scientist - Benjamin Banneker).

Indeed, I have only highlighted here a shortlist. Our ancestors were courageous, creative, brilliant, resourceful, selfless, and fearless. I remain proud and empowered to be a part of this linage. Today, people of color are still continuing innovative ideas for humanity's livelihood and progression. Unfortunately, segregation and racism still fester like an open wound. Recognizing the accomplishments of people of color needs to go beyond the history and the February month celebrations. There need to be real changes in the law that permeates every facet of our existence: healthcare, the education industry, policing, the justice system, banking, etc. I believe there should be zero tolerance for racism, unjust treatment, and segregation against people of color and humanity on a whole.

On a personal note, it was just in 2015 when I, a woman of color, was introduced to a wealthy man to fund my clinic and humanitarian relief project. He admitted not helping me because of the melanin in my skin; he was only one of many. Then, no matter how well I had structured my state of affairs with business plans and presented to the banking industry, they denied funding for whatever reasons, whilst I stood by and learned of my Caucasian associates with less to offer, but received reasonable margins of credit to progress their ventures.

But still, I continue to persevere. Each day I wake to whisper a prayer of gratitude and admire and appreciate my skin's melanin and the woolly texture of my hair. I hope and pray that humanity will recognize our value, and life will only get better.

About the author - Maxine Mclean Ph.D., Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Homeopath, Author, Metaphysical Healer, Humanitarian, the founder of Gratitude Keeper®. Health-Coach-Speaker, Meditation Healing Facilitator-Educator, and Creative Entrepreneur.

Blue seal Award – Writing, Canada's 100 Black women to honor. Eminence Award.

I'm encouraged to connect, inspire and positively impact other people's lives to help them rise. – Maxine McLean, Ph.D.

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