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The Power of Forgiveness

There was a period in my life when living was emotionally difficult.

One day, I was having an unusually tough day. All my emotions, frustrations and anxieties were too much to bear. I was feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by everything that was going on in my life; though a part of me also recognized, I was not alone.

As I was driving home——-out of nowhere——-a thought firmly popped into my head:

“Forgive and forget"

I experienced the power and the message of forgiveness first-hand. The most powerful healing tool. The distraction was too powerful to concentrate on my driving. So, I decided to pull off onto the soft shoulder to take a few deep breaths; giving myself the counseling I had given others. A significant step in my journey towards emotional healing. I began to reflect on all the times I had been hurt by others and how I had never really forgiven them; though I thought I did. I thought about how much better it might make me feel if I could forgive and genuinely let go. I had earlier learned that unforgiveness can create pent-up emotions which is the ideal environment for disease to begin forming. I realized that forgiveness was a powerful tool and decided to share my story in my book Gratitude Keeper® No Rain, No Water. I’ve shared that the fine art of forgiveness is not about condoning what someone did to you. It's about releasing the anger, the pain and the memory of what they caused you; the association must be released, if not it becomes a vicious repetitive cycle. Ultimately, forgiveness is a gift——-THE gift you give to yourself; on a silver platter at that. It's a remarkable way to move on and create a new normal and refreshed perspective that affords you a better life, and enhanced mental wellness. I passionately encourage my readers to forgive those who have hurt them, because forgiveness is you expressing strength, not a weakness. By forgiving, you are taking back your power and setting yourself free, and free of energetic blockages that can harm your health, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and even financially. Breathe Easy——-you’ve got this!

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