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Introducing Black Garlic.

A beautiful evening indeed, I went along with my husband for a drive to the mushroom farm to pick up fresh mushrooms. My favorites are Lions Mane, Italian Oyster, and Pink Lady. I'm not a meat-eater; mushroom is my main food staple.

But while at the farm, we were introduced to black garlic, fancy that! The taste is lovely; it has a very pungent sweet balsamic flavor, incredible taste. It's not a regular item you get in the grocery stores.

I must say it has character.

Here are some amazing benefits:

  • It's a more potent antioxidant than regular garlic

  • Effective allergy relief

  • Healer for the liver

  • Improves cholesterol levels

  • Boost immune system function

Try it; you might like it!

Attached are a few pictures of my favorite mushrooms enjoy the view.

Italian Oyster, Pink Lady and Lions Mane.

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