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Updated: Oct 20, 2020

It's as important today as in 400 BC to adapt our ancestors' healing precepts. Back in the days, there were no medical doctors. But there were herb doctors, also known as bush doctors. The herbs of the land were used for healing. In some cases, it was processed into essential oils and used to heal the mind-body and spirit; a trial and error process.

Plants have a specific affinity to the vital functioning of our internal organs. One of these plants I would like to highlight is mushrooms. There are different types of mushrooms; yes, some are poisonous, in particular wild mushrooms. Depending on where you are from, you may check with your countries Poison Centre for specifics. Other than that, many supermarkets or a mushroom farm carries a reliable supply.

However, instead of elaborating on the different types, I choose to highlight the healing values.

I love mushrooms and have developed such an appeal to how beautiful the colors are; reds, oranges, and whites, and so on.

Mushrooms are packed with Vitamins & Minerals; different species of mushrooms possess various unique benefits, but in general, here is that list of nutrients:

  1. Iron

  2. Glutathione and Ergothioneine (replenishes and protects cellular and nerve damage and is a fantastic antioxidant)

  3. Germanium (Prevents the damaging effects of free radicals)

  4. Vitamin C, D

  5. Selenium, copper, niacin, potassium, phosphorus, and more.

A study published in the Czech Journal of Food Science 2014 (302-307) concluded that all edible mushroom types were an excellent fiber source.

Mushroom also showed remarkable results for suppressing cancer tumors, according to Nutrition and Cancer Journal-2017; Other promising studies published in The Journal of the American College of Nutrition-2015 documented mushrooms for the enhancement of the immune system.

Fresh Niagara Mushroom is where we buy our mushrooms; they have been very resourceful and knowledgeable about the life and growth of various species of mushrooms.

We were provided with a mushroom pallet - all that was needed for an experimental growth, and it was divine—such a joy waking up to it in the mornings and enjoy the wonderful blooms.

Well, after a meticulous process, we harvested our very first mushroom delight - weighing in at 1kg, and packed with nutrients.

These are the pictures of that journey.

Caution: Eating mushroom is not advised if you have food sensitiveness to copper or taking a medication in conflict with any of these minerals listed. Please consult your prescribing doctor for advice.

Note: Mushroom is packed with nutrition only when cooked

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