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Liquid Intelligence

Water flows within you, around, and through you. Water is one of the things that connects you physically to this incredibly beautiful world. There is an abundance of water here for us all to drink. Yet, in many places of the world, it is difficult for some to access potable fresh water daily. This is not the fault of our earth; it is the result of human control. Water is meant for all to have access to. It is a gift of life.

One aspect of living in gratitude each day is sharing your abundance with those in need. Explore how water enriches your life daily, think about how you can help those who struggle to have accessible potable water. It can be either through donations to an organization you know is doing great work to make water more accessible in areas where it’s not, or it can be something simple like not supporting companies that have a monopoly over water and profit from its sale. Or purchase yourself a home filtration system instead of buying and drinking bottled water.

Water is a gift to nourish, observe, and enjoy for you and all of the living beings, animals, and species of plants on this planet. In watching the ebb and flow of water, there are many lessons for us to learn. One of these lessons is that if we observe the flow of water and the passage of time, we can see they’re both continually moving forward, never going backward. Witness its movement. Sit in silence and observe. There is no need to write anything down. Simply let your mind relax as you stay present, focus on the rhythms within and around you.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that even water responds to the power of gratitude. Water holds memory and intelligence. When exposed to words of appreciation, the water showed remarkably beautiful colors in contrast to water exposed to negative thoughts voiced, which showed horrible-looking dull images. The late Dr. Masaru Emoto had researched and tested this to be so in his magnificent work. He believed and scientifically proved, “Human consciousness affects the molecular structure of water.”

In his book, The Hidden Messages of Water, Dr. Emoto demonstrates how water exposed to loving, positive, and compassionate words develop beautiful molecular formations. Compared to water exposed to negative, angry, and fearful comments, they create “unpleasant and disconnected forms. He studied these molecular forms through Resonance Analysis technology and high-speed photographs.

It is fascinating to see the difference in the water photos where the words “love and gratitude” were spoken to instead of the water where the words “you disgust me” were repeated.

Think about this: Your body is comprised of 60% water. Agree? If you continuously use negative words and thoughts to speak to yourself, how do you think your molecular makeup will hold up to that intrusive affirmation?

About the author - Maxine Mclean Ph.D., Doctor of Integrative Medicine, A Homeopath, Author, Metaphysical Healer, Humanitarian, the founder of Gratitude Keeper®. Health-Coach-Speaker, Meditation Healing Facilitator-Educator, and Creative Entrepreneur.

Blue seal Award – Writing, Canada's 100 Black women to honor. Eminence Award.

I'm encouraged to connect, inspire and positively impact other people's lives to help them rise. – Maxine McLean, Ph.D.

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