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The Power and Intelligence of Water

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

There is still an enormous global crisis on the rise, which affects over 800 million people; the issue is accessing potable water, and there is more work to be done in this area. I am eager to delve into this issue with you because I'm deeply concern. I never thought that I would be writing or even dealing with the importance of obtaining potable water at this time in my life. Sad but true. During the mid-1900s, as a little child, growing up in the rural part of Jamaica, West Indies, water was a challenge for the first 13 years of my life experiences. We depended on rainfalls for our clean supply of water. We caught our water in tanks, buckets, and steel drums, so we always had to ration; No rain - no water.

Here in Canada - 2020, year after year and throughout the year, thousands of people from near and far, travel to Niagara Falls, Ontario, to take in the beauty of watching water flowing over gigantic Precambrian rocks, laid down over 400 million years ago; but a story for another time. Lake Front and beachfront properties attract a lineup of people, willing to spend millions, even billions to have their homes in prominent view of the water. Admiring and enjoying the flow of water, enhanced with the relaxation and prestige that living close offers. When astronauts went on their space missions, water was their number one first indicator of life.

Water flushes waste from our bodies, transports nutrients, and oxygen and enhances our cellular communication. In a mother's womb, without water, there is no life. Plants wither and die without water.

The rhythms of water are recorded to promote relaxation and healing of the mind and spirit. Water is used for washing and cleansing the body of energy patterns picked up throughout our days. Water can be used to rejuvenate our bodies' vibrational frequencies and promote mental calm. The energy in water is accessed to power electricity.

Water holds memory and intelligence, as demonstrated in the research by Dr. Masaru Emoto and the research of Stephen Pollitt -Author of Source Energy Medicine.

Water is transparent, odorless, tasteless and pure. It is the world's prized commodity and the primary makeup of all life, complex and simple.

Without water, life would not exist. “Without water, there is no dignity and no escape from poverty,” - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on his message for World Water Day 201

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