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The Defining Art Of Gratitude

How did reading this quote make you feel? Or what did it make you think? Did it stir thoughts of trying to recollect the last time you truly, consciously felt and expressed gratitude? Whether to another person for something they did or said, or for your good fortune, maybe for your family and your general health, you're on the right track. The impact that feeling gratitude has on our overall well-being is often time considered to be unrelated or overlooked in the bustle of our busy lives and overtaxed brains. I believe many of us can shed light on this one.

Many of us may feel but rarely think to express gratitude, let alone appreciate its role in culminating our healing journeys. Through many years of working with patients, I've developed a passion for motivating others to build a stronger emotional core and connect with their energetic selves. Within the arena of Gratitude Keeper® Academy, my core coaching is about being conscientious about the practice of gratitude, how it can navigate the challenges of daily living from a place of forgiveness, optimism, hope, emotional strength, love, and how it reinforces the flow of positive energies. When you practice daily gratitude, not only does it have positive effects on your overall wellbeing, but it also becomes a central element in healing. It helps you extract from each situation what serves you best, which effectively raises your cellular vibrations - the path to healing.

I feel it safe to state that we all have some degree of mental and emotional clutter that clouds and obstructs the positive flow of energies within and around us, at times, creating unhealthy reactions of anxieties, fears, insecurities, and doubts. But we each have the power to transform negative thoughts into flows of positive, healing vibrations. We are each gifted and have the innate ability to direct our healing, strengthen the connection between our energy and ability to live our existence to its full potential – all by adding to our repertoire the daily practice of gratitude.

How can this be? Gratitude Keeper® Academy is all about guiding and supporting how to heal yourself through gratitude in a way that amplifies your innate healing frequencies. It is a wonderful gift for your well-being and those around you eager to learn about the impact of gratitude. Here is just one suggestion to consider while you're preparing to start your Gratitude Keeper® journey: Take a few minutes every day to write down one thing you are grateful for; it could be something expansive like being grateful for your healthy body; it could be something specific like being grateful for your partner or friend who always seems to see you through no matter what – you get the idea. The important thing is to develop the routine of intentionally practice gratitude each day.

As I have shared in the Gratitude Keeper® Volume 1 – No Rain, No Water, practicing gratitude will impact your overall health and wellbeing – mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and even financially. When you incorporate the practice of gratitude into your daily life, positive changes within and around you will begin to unfold, and your ability to heal yourself will be realized and heightened.

My Gratitude Keeper® Academy is the premier teaching online platform to inspire, empower, and deliver a transformative learning approach.

So, my friend, breathe easy – and decide today what makes you feel and speak – 'I'm grateful!'

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